Victoria's Quarantine Fiasco

For three months, we have given up our liberties and our livelihoods to comply with the directives of our leaders - all for the common good. We have known from the beginning that most COVID-19 infections arrived from overseas; sixty-two percent, more if you include those who contracted it from overseas arrivals. Quarantining new arrivals has been an essential part of the protection regime. Now we find that the quarantine process has had lax hygiene and management procedures for security and service workers, many of whom have become infected and passed it on to their family and friends. Victoria had used private security firms, a decision at odds with the national cabinet recommendation to us

Should we Bailout or Restructure our Universities?

A spokeswoman for the Vice Chancellors of our major Universities said that they had advised the Minister, Dan Tehan, that unless they got extra funding soon, they would have to retrench academic staff and hence curtail valuable research work. However, the Vice Chancellors have decided not to fly to Canberra in their private jets seeking government bailouts. Making some arcane reference to automotive CEOs from Detroit, their PR departments advised them it would not be a good look. (Yes, our Universities do have PR and marketing departments. They are businesses you know.) Explaining the PR advice, the spokeswoman paraphrased Marlene Dietrich: It's not because they wouldn't. It's not because t

Black Lives Matter: But Who is Responsible?

In a well-written advocacy in The Saturday Paper supporting the Black Lives Matter protests on Saturday 6th June 2020, Amy McQuire wrote that “Since 1991, 432 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lost their lives in custody.” The clear impression given by McQuire and most other journalists was that the state was responsible for these deaths. “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up 27 per cent of the national prison population, while only making up 3 per cent of Australia`s population. … Nearly three decades after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody handed down its report, successive Australian governments have made no attempt to address its reco

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