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About Peter Fenwick


I was born in Geelong and educated at The Geelong College. I studied Civil Engineering at the Gordon Institute of Technology in Geelong, and Melbourne University, graduating in 1966. In 1972 I completed an MBA with distinction at Melbourne University.

From 1976 to 2011 I ran the IT consulting business, Fenwick Software, which implements commercial systems for business in the manufacturing, distribution, and waste management recycling industries. I established an employee shareholder scheme and staff now own over 80 per cent. Greg Galloway has been managing the firm since 2011. The business is thriving and now has over 45 staff.

At Melbourne University, I studied philosophy under the charismatic Father Eric Darcy. I am an alumnus of the Cranlana colloquium, a facilitated program, inspired by the Aspen Institute in the USA. My classical liberal philosophies were given practical expression in the culture and practices of my consulting business.

Since retiring, I have continued my interest in the  Scottish Enlightenment and Austrian Economics. I have written three books, The Fragility of Freedom, Liberty at Risk, and The Fortunate - all published by Connor Court. I blog at My blogs cover insights into contemporary issues in liberty, economics, climate change, sound money, business, and the COVID-19 crisis.

I play royal tennis and am a member of the Royal Melbourne Tennis club.

I have been married to Jill, a schoolteacher and author, since 1966. We have three sons and three grandchildren. We live in East Melbourne, Australia.

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