About Peter Fenwick


I was born in Geelong, Australia and educated at The Geelong College. I studied Civil Engineering at the Gordon Institute of Technology in Geelong, and Melbourne University, graduating in 1966. In 1972 I completed an MBA with distinction at Melbourne University.


From 1976 to 2011 I ran a successful consulting business, Fenwick Software, which implements commercial systems for business in the manufacturing, distribution, and waste management & recycling industries. I have established an employee shareholder scheme and six of my long-term staff now own seventy–five percent, and manage the business.


At Melbourne University, I studied philosophy under the charismatic Father Eric Darcy. I am an alumnus of the Cranlana colloquium, a facilitated program, inspired by the Aspen Institute in the USA, designed to promote open and informed, non-partisan dialogue on the philosophical, ethical and social issues central to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable society.


My philosophies, outlined in my books and blogs, were given practical expression in the culture and practices of my consulting business.


I have been married to Jill, a school teacher and author, since 1966. We have three sons and three grandchildren. We live in East Melbourne.