Politicians with Egg on their Face

There are views that used to be widely held, or even law, that today would be considered inappropriate. As John Stuart Mill remarked - “every age having held opinions that are now recognised as absurd”. There are scientific views (for example: the world is flat; the sun travels around the earth; synthetic chemicals will cause a cancer epidemic; acid rain will destroy all the German forests; global famine is inevitable due to the population explosion). There are social norms and cultural conventions (for example: no one, who does not profess a belief in a God, should be permitted to give evidence in a court of law; a wife should love, honour and obey her husband; jazz should be banned because

Ten Green Bottles

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall. Ten green bottles hanging on the wall. And if one green bottle should accidentally fall, There would be nine green bottles hanging on the wall. Nine green bottles… For twenty-five years, there has been a consensus; global warming is caused by humans adding CO2 to the atmosphere. Led by the United Nation’s body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), governments have invested millions of dollars and climate scientists have spent hours in research and built models to prove it. Everyone knows it is true. The science is settled. 97% of scientists agree. Politicians invest in treaties to deal with the great moral issue of our time. Renewable s

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Peter Francis Fenwick       Writer      Melbourne     Australia