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The following organisations are doing great work. You will find interesting and useful corroborative material on their websites.

Mises Institute


The Mises Institute is an educational institution devoted to advancing Austrian economics, freedom, and peace in the classical-liberal tradition.  Austrian economics offers a unique perspective on economic theory and policy, emphasizing free markets, entrepreneurship, private property, and sound money.


Through their research in the fields of economics, history, philosophy, and political theory, Mises's associates F.A. Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard, and others carried the Austrian school into the late twentieth century. Today, Mises Institute scholars continue this important work.


To find out more, click here.

John Roskam

IPA  -  the Voice of Freedom


The Institute of Public Affairs is an independent, non-profit public policy think tank, founded in Australia in 1943 to advance social, economic, and political freedom. The IPA supports the free market of ideas, the free flow of capital, limited and efficient government, the rule of law, and representative democracy.


Its professional staff are active on TV and in podcasts and YouTube videos.

Through its Generation Liberty program, with Campus Co-ordinators at most of the Australian Universities, the IPA is bringing the message of hope and freedom to a young audience.


To find out more, click here.

CIS   -   Ideas for a Better Australia


The Centre for Independent Studies is Australia's indispensable voice providing independent research and policy solutions enabling the pursuit of happiness and the opportunity to live a prosperous life with less government interference.


It promotes free choice and individual liberty and defends cultural freedom and the open exchange of ideas. Through public policy research, media exposure, and events such as Consilium and the student program Liberty & Society, the CIS encourages debate among leading academics, politicians, media, and the public.


Since 1976, the CIS has produced valuable research that has shaped and influenced public policy. It aims to make sure good policy ideas are heard and seriously considered so that Australia can continue to prosper into the future.


To find out more, click here.

Tom Switzer

Mannkal Economic Education Foundation


Founded in 1997 by Kalgoorlie mining magnate Ron Manners, Mannkal is dedicated to educating students in the traditions of classical liberalism, modern libertarianism, Austrian Economics, and Public Choice Theory.

Its flagship activity is the Mannkal Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships to Western Australian university students to attend conferences, participate in study tours and connect with industry both domestically and internationally. These opportunities allow students to appreciate the role of property rights, common law, free markets and limited government in fostering economic growth and human dignity.

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Quillette is an amazing modern organisation founded in Sydney in 2015 by Claire Lehmann.  It brings together talented writers from all around the world.

As Claire says, "Quillette is a platform for free thought. We respect ideas, even dangerous ones. We also believe that free expression and the free exchange of ideas help human societies flourish and progress. Quillette aims to provide a platform for this exchange."

It does.

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