Legitimate Controls on Employee Behaviour

To what extent should an employer be able to control the pubic expression of their staffs' political and religious beliefs? What are the responsibilities of employees to uphold the values of their employer? I walked into Kate’s bedroom yesterday to find a new poster on her wall - a handsome young man in a blue tee-shirt and a tattooed right arm. Later in the day, this led to a serious discussion about the rights of employers and employees. It's a much more complex issue than it seems at first glance. Kate: Isn’t he just divine? Loretta: Who dear? Kate: Israel Folau. Loretta: Is he the one in your new poster? Kate: Yes. She smiled and I think I detected a slight blush. Loretta: Who is Israe

Low-paid work: Exploitation or Opportunity?

The other day I met my old friends Marcia and Ann for lunch at Babka in Brunswick Street. It was good to catch up again. Babka is just a couple of blocks away from where Jack Irish’s mates reminisce about the Fitzroy Football Club. When Sasha Lewis and her partner Frieda sold Fitzsimons in Lonsdale Street in the late 80s, they paused briefly and then set up Babka. Frieda has now retired, and Sasha runs it on her own. It has a cult following. The menu has a Russian theme and the best bread in Melbourne is baked on the premises by Sasha’s son. There are no bookings and patrons wait in line for a table. Mostly people behave patiently, conversing amiably in the queue. Occasionally someone will

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