The Inevitable Recession from Bad Energy Policy

The objective to provide reliable, low cost, low emission energy is fraught. We must choose our priorities. All three cannot be optimised simultaneously. Only coal and nuclear can provide the base load necessary to supply our electricity needs for households and businesses. Our government policies must permit this to happen. There is increasing evidence that the dangers of global warming have been exaggerated. The public is starting to understand this and is concerned that climate change policies are ineffective and come at an unacceptable cost to our standard of living. With USA pulling out of the Paris Agreement, none of the four major emitters of carbon – USA, China, India and Russia – is

Inspiring Pride in our Western Civilisation

We hear, ad nauseam, of the need to prevent Muslim youth in Western societies from being radicalised. Too little effort is made to inspire them with the values of our Western Civilisation. We live in one of the most tolerant, prosperous and free societies in the history of mankind. Our liberties are based on certain rights which have been developed and refined over many centuries. These include our rights to free speech; to our religious and political beliefs; to choose our friends and associates, and whom we may marry; to nurture our children and to pass on our values to them; to choose our occupation; to choose where we may live; to choose what we may eat or drink or wear; to choose our en

Climate Change: Science Settled; Politics Disrupted.

President Trump has announced that the US will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Relax. Do not slit your wrists. There is increasing scientific evidence that the climate change alarm has been exaggerated. But do not take my word for it. Do your own research. Google the answers to the following questions: How much carbon has been released to the atmosphere from the consumption of fossil fuels? How much has the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere increased in the past 20 years? How does that compare to the previous 100 years? How much has the global average temperature increased in the past 20 years? How does that compare to the previous 100 years? (Hint: Look at both surface and

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