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  • Peter Francis Fenwick

Are We All in This Together?

It is twelve months since the duplicitous decisions of the Victorian Government and the incompetence of its public service caused 800 deaths and wrecked the lives of millions.

Now Lockdowns have been decreed for the fourth time. Patrick Commins assesses "Stay-at-home order a $1.3bn hit to business". (The Australian, Friday 28 May)

We can expect that intermittent COVID outbreaks will continue to occur.

Whilst lockdowns remain the favoured political response, they will be enforced every time.

Lockdowns impact some segments of our community more than others.

Owners and employees of small businesses are the most disadvantaged; public servants the least.

In the spirit of fairness and accountability – so that we are all in this together – I propose that the salaries of public servants and politicians be reduced by 1% for every day of lockdown.

Such a policy might also provide an incentive to improve health and quarantine facilities to the point that lockdowns become unnecessary – or at least no longer the preferred response.


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