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Bill Leak's Final Letter to Gillian Triggs

Bill Leak

Dear Gillian

I am sorry it has taken me a few days to respond to your request.

Last week was a bit busy, what with the book launch and my unanticipated death.

On reflection, I don’t think I could, in all good faith, publish a correction exonerating you for misleading the Senate.

But Mr Whittaker has agreed to withdraw the cartoon depicting you with your pants on fire.

Yours truly



Bill Leak died of a heart attack on March 10, 2017.

Two days earlier, launching his book Trigger Warning,

he mentioned that Gillian Triggs, President of the Human Rights Commission,

had written to him requesting that he publish a correction

stating that she had not lied to a Senate Committee.

He was baffled and bemused by the request.

She had claimed that, if only he had put in a defence based on section 18D, the Commission would have dropped the case forthwith. In fact he had.

Letters from his lawyer to the Human Rights Commission contradicted her testimony.

Paul Whittaker is the editor of The Australian.

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