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The Fragility of Freedom

We live in one of the freest and most prosperous societies in the history of mankind. Do you ever wonder why we are so fortunate?


Referencing the work of over fifty great political philosophers and economists, The Fragility of Freedom explores the theory that underpins our systems of liberty, prosperity and justice. It examines how progress has been constrained by the errors of the dominant political ideologies of the twentieth century; how opportunities have been squandered.


It proposes a moral society, based on the principle of subsidiarity, in which individuals take responsibility for themselves and their families, where voluntary organisations thrive, and the State plays a limited role.

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Liberty at Risk

Liberty at Risk tackles today's political problems,

and challenges conventional thinking

Our wonderful, free and prosperous society is being threatened by ideologies, from within and without, that compromise the reasons for its success. If we wish to convince others that our ideology is superior, then firstly we must understand its concepts and its roots, and secondly we must live its truth.

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Connor Court

The Fragilty of Freedom and Liberty at Risk are  published by Connor Court.


Connor Court publishes exciting and controversial ideas that challenge mainstream opinion. It provides a genuine alternative and independent voice in publishing.


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