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The Fight for Freedom


We live in one of the freest and most prosperous societies in the history of mankind. This has not happened by chance. It is due to the institutions we inherited from Britain: the rule of law; the principle of private property, a free enterprise economy, a culture that accepts a wide range of human rights – to free speech, to political and religious beliefs, to choose whom we may marry, where we may live, what work we may do, with whom we may associate, and so on.

These are what distinguish us from the totalitarian regimes which deliver poverty, destroy trust among their citizens, and terrorize, censor and imprison or kill those who disagree with the party line.

If we wish to convince others that our ideology is superior, then firstly we must understand its concepts and its roots, and secondly, we must live its truth.

My books and my blogs set out to achieve this.

My books are published by Connor Court.           CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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