Free and Affluent Societies


If we wish to convince others that our ideology is superior, then firstly we must understand its concepts and its roots, and secondly, we must live its truth.

My new book, The Fortunate, introduces readers to the ideas which created the free and affluent society we now enjoy. It encourages perspective - looking at the long-term not just the immediate crises highlighted in the daily news.

The philosophers of the Enlightenment told us that liberty works and that prosperity flows from it. Two hundred years of history has shown us that this is true - that it works in practice. Moreover, it applies, not just in the Anglosphere or in the developed world. The concepts are valid universally.

We should be proud of our heritage, confident in our achievements, and prepared to fight against forces that might unwittingly seek to destroy our way of life.

We are the fortunate. Let’s keep it that way.

The book will be published later this year. Meanwhile, the early chapters are available here for you to read online or download a free copy.

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