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If we wish to convince others that our ideology is superior, then firstly we must understand its concepts and its roots, and secondly we must live its truth.


Since 2011 when I retired from Fenwick Software, the IT consultancy which I founded in 1976, I have devoted myself to my passion for classical liberalism. It is a philosophy that promotes a free and prosperous society based on the virtues of justice, courage, temperance, wisdom (prudence), faith, hope and charity (love). It encourages individual responsibility. It proposes subsidiarity as the ideal for social organisation. I draw extensively on the original ideas of John Locke, Adam Smith, and Ludwig von Mises - the Scottish philosophers and the Austrian economist.  I have written two books, The Fragility of Freedom and Liberty at Risk, both published by Connor Court, and am working on a third.

My blogs cover insights into contemporary issues in liberty, economics, climate change, sound money, business, and the COVID-19 crisis. I welcome your participation in the battle of ideas and the maintenance of our free and prosperous society. 

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My new book, The Fortunate: Ten Great Writers Explain Health Wealth and Liberty will be released later this year

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