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  • Peter Francis Fenwick

Hotel Quarantine Fiasco

Premier Dan Andrews

For three months, we have given up our liberties and our livelihoods to comply with the directives of our leaders - all for the common good.

We have known from the beginning that most COVID-19 infections arrived from overseas; sixty-two percent, more if you include those who contracted it from overseas arrivals. Quarantining new arrivals has been an essential part of the protection regime.

Now we find that the quarantine process has had lax hygiene and management procedures for security and service workers, many of whom have become infected and passed it on to their family and friends. Victoria had used private security firms, a decision at odds with the national cabinet recommendation to use police or defence personnel.

Furthermore, those quarantined have not all been tested prior to release. How could that happen? How could you design a process which fails to test whether it has been effective? How could you be so irresponsible as to let someone out into the community who may be carrying the virus?

On June 6th, Premier Andrews turned a blind eye to a public protest by 10,000 activists, this at a time when you could not visit your mother for Mother's Day or meet your friends at the pub or go to the footy. What were those for whom family and friends matter to believe?

We have been sorely abused. Our tolerance and goodwill have been repaid with hypocrisy and careless incompetence. We have put our faith in dolts masquerading as experts.

Such meek acquiescence may not endure. Who could blame those who rebel against the

directives of leaders who have failed us? They have forfeited their moral authority.



The Australian, Wednesday 1 July 2020, reported that "Premier Daniel Andrews announced a judicial inquiry into the cluster of infections from staff at quarantine hotels who breached infection control protocols and have been linked to almost 50 COVID-19 cases."

It was not his fault. What is a guy to do? It is so hard to get good staff these days.

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