We shall not be free if we are not compassionate. We should always be ready to assist those experiencing hardships, particularly unanticipated ones such as the loss of a job or a death in the family. We should want to provide ways to help those suffering from trauma or mental or chronic health problems. Our current welfare systems do not work well. The following article from an Australian Community Health brochure describes the practical difficulties: We have a problem in the way we have established public services such as housing, hospital, Centrelink, and immigration. Services are really hard to navigate and can be very complex due to various eligibility criteria based on age, gender, loca

The Emperor's New Clothes

Throughout the Western World, the Welfare State has been exposed as economically unsustainable. The regulatory and coercive powers of the State have been captured by sectional interests for their own economic benefit. The state has become pervasive in our lives. We have lost the belief that we can do things ourselves. We live with the peculiar notion that if we cannot afford some desired service, it should be provided by the government. Government spending expands as everyone seeks funding for their every wish. The consequences are unmanageable debt, unsound money, poor investment decisions, and unfair burdens on the productive, the thrifty and the young. No amount of tinkering at the edges

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Peter Francis Fenwick       Writer      Melbourne     Australia